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Eating is more than just nutrition, but we have found ways to increase the nourishing power of our foods. Nutraceuticals manufacturing, from vitamin C powder and probiotics to omega 3 oil, is a concentration of natural ingredients and health supplements that complement our diets. While dietary supplements are not quite haute cuisine, the process of extraction and purification is no less a blend of science and art.

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Convert solutions into solid fibers to facilitate solubility

In the nutraceutical industry, bioactive compounds that make the basis of most nutraceuticals typically have low aqueous solubility, leading to poor bioavailability. Electrospinning techniques can address this challenge.

The method and manufacturing process applies a high voltage the inclusion solution pumped through a needle. The electric field forces the droplet into a jet stretched to form a solid fiber. The ultrafine material can be woven into microcapsules that dissolve quickly.

Observe strict packaging regulations for nutraceuticals manufacturing process

Packaging is required to declare what dietary ingredients the nutraceuticals contain. The Supplement Facts panel must include measurable amounts of the 14 mandatory dietary ingredients.

The label must also carry warnings about daily intake limits in EU markets. And FDA limits for the US markets. In addition, as a manufacturer, you need to state that your product should not be considered a replacement for daily rations from foods. This is usually aligned by the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations, also known as CGMP, a practice enforced by the FDA.

Hemp is a core ingredient in nutraceuticals for livestock

Veterinary nutraceuticals form a vital component of integrative animal wellness. But not all ingredients used for human dietary supplements can be consumed by animals.

Hemp products are driving a trend in the veterinary supplements market, particularly livestock. Nutraceuticals manufacturing derived from low-THC cannabinoids are used in animal feed for their antioxidant and neuroprotective properties.

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