Economic tablet press

Successful pharmaceutical manufacturers know that high quality, reliable equipment is essential in order to be competitive in highly regulated and highly dynamic market.  Reliable, flexible forming equipment that works with a variety of tooling types and is adjustable to meet the needs of different products gives producers peace of mind.  A tablet press with full audit trail compliance from a world renowned pharmaceutical equipment supplier is certain give any high volume pharmaceutical producer an edge over the competition.

A tablet press with premium features and low cost

The Legacy 6100 tablet press from ACGE is a tablet press of proven design and well known quality.  The consistent, high quality production and user friendliness demanded by today’s producers as well as a low upfront cost and revenue optimization features make this unit the ideal choice for high volume tablet production in a competitive environment.

The unit includes 10 tonne compression rollers in both the 1st and 2nd stages and well-tuned dwell time to ensure gradual compression.  Non-complying tablets are identified and sorted automatically and product recipes and production parameters are stored internally.  The system is designed for economic operation and includes features for easy cleaning, and rapid change-over, as well as a online support and video training materials to ensure competent and confident operators and efficient production.


  • Compression force adjustment for 1st and 2nd stages
  • Virtually tool-less cleaning and changeover procedures
  • Use with D, B, BB, and BBS tooling types
  • Stand alone operating panel
  • Integrated security hierarchy and password protection

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