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Making.com is the leading global marketplace for production technology. Our team took 60 years of experience in locating production technology and made it accessible online. Best of all: We group relevant technologies around your product! Just browse relevant options for the different building blocks of your process. Our international team helps people from around the world connect quickly to our extensive network.

Access know-how to make your product better

You don’t have to figure everything out all by yourself. Someone has encountered similar challenges and has built part of your process. A quick talk could be helpful. Yet, how do you get in touch with the right suppliers? And how do you find partners with relevant experience for your product?  At Making.com, we locate—and validate—this know-how.

Change for a better future

Time is short. We need to change the products we make and how we make them faster. Changemakers like yourself are leading the way. Making.com helps you find like-minded engineers & resources to empower your change. The more people connect to our platform, the more it grows, the better it gets. Curious? Join us at Making.com!
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What are you Making?

With a small international team in Rotterdam, we continuously talk to technology suppliers about their processing know-how, and we map which products the technology can help make and improve. Our new platform can already connect you to over 200 different machine and equipment manufacturers and more than 6000 production specialist worldwide.

Our Growing Network of Suppliers

We will connect you to our growing network of 6000+ technical & application specialists working for more than 200 world-leading technology suppliers and machine manufacturers.

What motivates us


How does Making.com find world-leading production know-how?

At Making.com we focus on the product you are making. Suppliers need to be able to explain why their technology can help make the product better or how it can help make your product in a better way. You will want to find a partner who is able to explain this well. As our team likes to say: At Making.com, we add purpose to technology!

Do you offer local support?

All suppliers on Making.com are global players with experience delivering their technology to locations near you. At Making.com you can quickly connect with experts to assess whether they have the expertise you need. Local support will then be provided through the existing local sales & service networks.

Do I pay more at Making.com than when I order directly?

No, at Making.com you will purchase technology directly from the supplier. After you connect to the right expert through Making.com, you will work through the normal sales and support channels of the supplier. The price for your purchase will be the same as when you contact the supplier in any other way.

I’m just starting, can you help me plan?

Great to hear: The world needs better products, fast! To buy production technology, you need to describe the product you want to make, the capacity of the process step and a realistic commissioning date. If you don’t know this yet, it may be difficult for our teams to help. We’re working on how to engage local consultants and universities on Making.com: Stay tuned!

Does Making.com guarantee successful commissioning?

At Making.com you access a global network of renowned technology suppliers. The suppliers you’ll find are committed to building long-term relationships. They will be committed to your success. At Making.com we are in constant conversation with our suppliers and are happy to support when needed.

Why is the technology I’m looking for not listed?

Although our teams are working hard to activate more suppliers on Making.com, we’re still a young initiative. The industrial revolution started 250 years ago…bear with us! In the meanwhile, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re onboarding new suppliers constantly and we there’s a good chance we’ll be able to connect you.

I’m writing my thesis; can you help me with more information?

We’re delighted that so many smart students take an interest in what we do at Making.com. You are our hope for the future! At Making.com we bring the production technology from our supplier network online. The people who know-how tend to have busy schedules. If you would like to grab their attention, please try to explain clearly why this is important. We’re happy to forward your request!

Our technology can help make better products; How do I join Making.com?

Please get in touch! At Making.com we specialize in helping you tell your story. Better yet, we make it fast and easy: We know you’re super busy. Most suppliers at Making.com start small and scale up along the way. Don’t wait! Get the word out now and give more customers access to your know-how!

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