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Talk about the products your customers are making is a new platform that helps customers find your technology quicker. On, customers find relevant technologies that we link to the products they are making. We respond quickly and connect the customer to the most suitable supplier of the technology. This could be you!

How does it work? We help you add your equipment to our platform. After onboarding your technology, you can link your equipment to different applications. Tell the story about why your equipment is great for making that product. You have the experience your customers are looking for. Why hide it?

On, you connect directly with customers. You stay in control of the information about your technology and decide for yourself on which inquiries you would like to follow up.

As a supplier on, you can:

  • Join a global community of people committed to making things better

  • Access a new channel that will accelerate your online business

  • Link to new customers you didn’t know existed

Our international team helps people from around the world connect quickly to our extensive network. Our ambition is to grow into a world-leading online platform. The more people connect to our platform, the more it grows, the better it gets.

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