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Hello makers, is all about you. Because makers like you make the world go round. You make things better, smarter, cleaner, and greener. You develop the products that kickstart a better tomorrow by testing, trying, changing, and adapting. The world around us is changing fast. It brings unprecedented challenges to humans. We have a dramatic impact on our planet. Can we balance it? Can we improve fast enough? At, we help start the conversation. We ask technology providers to explain how their technology helps to make the products we need in a way that preserves our planet. We share this information so that you can make better-informed decisions. What should we consider when doing a product's life cycle analysis? Why is a particular technology better than another technology? The closer you look, the more complex such questions become. But that should not prevent us from asking them. Let's work together to find out! In the meantime, we sponsor the OneTreePlanted program. Every time we make a successful connection on our platform, we plant one tree. Curious to learn more? Please send us a message. We are always open to new ideas and conversations to create a better world.

ChangeMaker Stories

From Scotland, the award-winning vegan cheese that is taking the market by storm

From the beautiful Isle of Bute in Scotland, Bute Island Foods was the first company in the UK to produce vegan cheese alternative Sheese in 1988. The company’s first vegan cheese was a cheddar-style soya-based cheese alternative. Read more >>
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A divine alternative to synthetic preservatives

In Greek mythology, the people of ancient Attica chose Athena as their patron after the goddess gifted them the first olive tree ever. The Athenians quickly discovered the multiple uses of the oily berry. But olives held more secrets yet. After years of research, PolyHealth developed a way to extract molecules from the fruit and turn them into natural food preservatives. Read more

Are you ready for the food of tomorrow?

What do insects taste like? Straight from Vilnius, we had the pleasure of meeting Divaks in Paris at Food Ingredients Europe 2022. This Lithuanian food-tech company develops high-quality insect-derived ingredients to enhance your product’s quality and nutritional properties. Read more Changemakers - Aliga FoodIngredients 2022

White chlorella as your next protein source!

Have you ever heard of white chlorella? Chlorella is often known for its high nutritional value and its iconic signature color –  green! Chlorophyll in the algae causes chlorella’s distinctive green color, and this element is also the cause of marine taste and acidic flavor. Read more

Trust the nature. Paula ingredients, the company that produces dried fruits only from seasonal products

Each season has its own beauty… and its own fresh products! This is the motto of the Polish company PAULA Ingredients, which ultimately relies on the seasonality of food products. In-season fruits and veggies are fresher, taste better, and have higher nutritional value than out-of-season food products. Read more

Can we reduce carbon emission by going plant-based?

Can we save the planet by going vegan? Recent studies have concluded that switching to plant-based food can reduce carbon emissions by 61%. Science has spoken, and when it does, we must listen. Foodiq didn’t ask for it twice. Read more Changemakers - Senson

Fava bean umami extract for your vegan diet!

If you have cooked vegan food before, you would know how difficult it is to recreate umami flavor only from vegetables. Luckily, Senson Oy came up with this innovative invention - Umami Liquid Bean Extract! Read more

Stop facepalming at palm oil, start using fermented alternatives

For all the bad rep that it gets, palm oil still makes up around 40% of the global vegetable oil supply, according to WWF estimates. Alternative oils pose fewer risks to biodiversity and carbon release, but producing them is not as efficient. This puts the food manufacturing industry in a sticky situation. But one company picked up this challenge. Its ultimate mission is clear from the name: NoPalm Ingredients. Read more Changemakers - Spoothie Free From Amsterdam

Try this spoonful of fermented buckwheat snack!

Is this yogurt, smoothie, or kombucha? It’s Spoothie! Spoothie is a fermented buckwheat product that has a consistency between smoothie and yogurt; it is too watery to be yogurt, but it is too thick for a drink. Spoothie has a sticky texture and tangy flavor, similar to kombucha, created from fermentation. Read more Changemaker - Heaply Free From Amsterdam

Marshmallow made out of seaweed?!

Marshmallow made out of seaweed instead of pig gelatin? Don't say yuck until you try it! #dontyuckmyyum Heaply from Copenhagen developed multiple vegan confectionary products, including vegan banana marshmallows. Read more Changemakers - Batasta Free From Amsterdam

Let's save "ugly" sweet potatoes with Batasta!

Would sweet potato pasta be sweet? That was the first question we asked when we encountered sweet potato pasta.

Batasta presented three different colors of sweet potato pasta to us - white, light orange or light purple - which, of course, are based on the color of the sweet potato they used. Read more Changemaker - New Snacks

Chips plus protein minus gluten

We spotted a guilt-free potato chip at the Free From Functional & Health Ingredients. The high-fiber, high-protein, low-fat, gluten-free chips from New Snacks are a bag of crispy lightness. But the ultimate test for chips is their crunch. Read more

Drinks producer sees a glass half-full after taking out additives

The back label of a bottle is more important than the front label. Beverage manufacturers use a formula of additives to ‘correct’ the base ingredients according to the taste expectations of consumers. But Soof Drinks decided to move down the opposite direction, cutting all additives. Read more

When soil is a scarce resource, go soilless

Due to their healthy properties, the market of blueberries has expanded rapidly over the past year and their popularity has no sign of stopping. Blueberries, like other fruits, need the right climate and soil to grow. Read more

This robot will happily carry your fruit harvest

Fruit and vegetable pickers spend 30% of their time hauling the harvest back to base. And that’s only a conservative estimate, Sandro Rabbiosi tells us. Read more

Sprinkle some ai magic to measure crop freshness

The company name says it all. We had the pleasure of talking with OneThird , a company that named itself after the percentage of food produced that is wasted in the world, 1/3 indeed. Read more

There was a time when frost was just a fact of life

When a dry, windless night follows a cold snap, growers know they can expect a layer of frost on their crops in the morning. But the real harm is caused beneath the surface. Read more

Is it a bird or a fertilizer-saving energy-preserving spray drone?

To be honest, when we talked to Tamás BORI we thought we had been catapulted into a sci-fi movie. Using spraying drones in the agricultural industry is still a new thing, but it is gaining momentum thanks to the relaxation of drone laws by various countries. Read more

Ampoule dispensing made (too) easy

Ampoules are an excellent solution for storing unstable elements in pharmaceutical products. But breaking the ampoule cleanly and keeping the contents from spilling is a drawback. Or so we thought until we came across PACKSYS. Read more

One filling solution for all pharma containers

Pharmaceutical packaging is a mix & match of liquids/pastes/creams/solids & vials/cartridges/syringes/tubes. And this is not even the entire range of options available today. We asked how many machines pharma manufacturers need to fill the different formulas into the right container format. Read more Changemaker - Refix

Refix, the company that turns Galician seawater into a healthy drink

The cure for everything is seawater. While most people probably think that the healing powers of seawater are a myth, someone actually believed it. Read more

Keep track of your medicine every day with FabriSol sticker

Did I take my medicine this morning or not? Let's be honest. How often have we asked ourselves this question and failed to find an answer simply because… our memory sometimes doesn’t serve us right! Read more

Automated visual inspection for pharmaceutical applications. Small scale companies, are you in?

Automatic visual inspection of vials, ampoules, and syringes is a well-known and established industrial practice. However, when it comes to small scale, it’s a different matter. Read more

Turning grass into pharmaceutical packaging

Do you know how long it takes a tree to grow? To answer this question precisely, you have to consider various factors such as climate or the tree species, but generally, it takes a tree 10 to 40 years to reach maturity. Read more Changemaker - Proup

Pro-up's egg white protein drink

Would you try a protein drink made out of egg white?
Pro-up, a company based in Italy, developed the first high-protein drink with egg whites! This is the first protein drink completely made without milk. Changemaker - ChickP

Chickpea protein for your plant-based food product!

Chickpeas for pumping up your muscle! If you are looking for a meat, dairy, or egg protein alternative, you can try out @ChickP protein. This plant-based protein powder is, as you have guessed, made out of chickpeas! Read more

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