Easy to validate capsule filler

Staying competitive in today’s highly dynamic and highly regulated pharmaceutical production market requires encapsulation equipment with the utmost process control and batch documentation.  Quick changeover, and accurate dose control are required as well as enhanced features like environmental sensors, online weight adjustment and automated documentation and reporting.  Successful modern producers use these next-generation features to maintain an edge of competitors with more traditional equipment.

A complete automatic encapsulation solution with state-of-the-art accuracy controls and reporting functionality.

The Legend 2500 from ACG-PAM is a fully automatic capsule filler with next generation design which greatly enhances production speed and efficiency.  ACG-Pam has over three decades of experience in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and the success of the company’s AF series of encapsulating machines which are installed in over 1,000 facilities across the globe provides a knowledge base and industry expertise that is second to none.  The Legend 2500 encapsulation represents the application of this knowledge and experience specifically to improve upon existing encapsulation systems and better meet the needs of today’s pharmaceutical producers.

The system includes Industrial PC based controls, online weight adjustment, and a screw type auger for use with the widest variety of formulations.  The need for an extra doing disc when filling doses are 50% of slug length is eliminated by use of a slug length adjustment kit.  Anti-jamming features for trouble free capsule loading and automatic lubrication are also included.  The system makes use of integrated environmental sensors, a stand-alone security enabled IPC control pedestal, and full 21 CFR Part 11 compliant reporting to ensure an encapsulation process that is accurate, controlled, and well documented.


  • Integrated environmental sensors
  • Quick changeover of capsule size and product
  • Full 21CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Slug length adjustment kit
  • Online weight adjustment