Hygienic floor scale

The food and pharmaceutical industries require maintaining high levels of sanitations as well as logistical quality. The lifting equipment used in these industries thus need to be cleaned thoroughly and very frequently. You thus need a weighing scale that is both accurate, while being easy to move and maintain.

A flexible and easy to clean lifting scale solution

Alba’s Floor Scale Moveline is an upgraded version of their standard lifting model. It is a floor scale which makes the raising and repositioning of materials extremely effortless. It is equipped with a ramp to ease loading and unloading of materials. It has a load capacity of 300-1500 kg and can be customised to suit the dimensions of your products. It is also equipped with a free-standing platform. It is a simple and user-friendly scale which is easy to move giving you more flexibility to make the work process more efficient. It can be used at any point in the production process of food and pharmaceuticals where reliable measurement accuracy and hygiene is required.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Available with ATEX approval
  • Compatible with automation networks