Start-up production line for CBD gummy production

High-value products like CBD gummies demand precision equipment such as starchless machinery. This facilitates cleaner ingredient profiles, aligning with this industry’s trend toward more natural and transparent product labeling. It also guarantees no cross-contamination, ensuring product purity and enhancing gum and jelly production efficiency.

Produce CBD gummy formulations safely with a modular system

The complete line from Tanis comprises a range of specialized equipment designed to work seamlessly together, maximizing production output for the start-up production of CBD gummies. CBD gummy production begins with the OTC 400S NS Kitchen, which features a pre-blending vessel for the homogeneous mixing of ingredients and a continuous cooking system with temperature control for precise cooking without burning the blended ingredients. The system also has an integrated vacuumizer to remove air bubbles and excess moisture during cooking.

The Additive Blending System (ABS) accurately weighs the gummy mass before incorporating pre-weighed additives. The mixing system ensures a thorough and even blend for the perfect gummy formula. After cooking, the mixture goes to the OTC 400S NS depositor, which features heated contact surfaces to prevent pre-gelling of the product and is equipped with a closed jacketed pump housing for accurate dosing of the moulds provided. Each mould is made of hygienic and rigid polycarbonate or silicon material.

The loaded moulds are then stored in the OTC 400S NS Conditioner, which features integrated air handling units with a desiccant dryer capable of uniformly distributing airflow between trays within an environmentally controlled closed system to dry the gummies quickly. As soon as the gummies are dried and ready, they are loaded into the OTC 400S NS Demoulder, which features an automated system for removing CBD gummies from the trays without any physical contact from the operator using sanitary compressed air.

All pieces of equipment have hygienic designs suitable for handling high-value products like CBD gummies and are also designed to match the capacity of the next equipment, which allows easy adjustments to the settings of the operation.


  • Additive Blending System (ABS) allows accurate weighing of gummy mass
  • Intuitive PLC controls for easy operation
  • Temperature-controlled cooking
  • Quick and hygienic removal of gummies from moulds
  • Even distribution of airflow allows fast and uniform drying

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