Dissolver of confectionery syrups

Many high quality confectionery products require a dissolved syrup as their starting point. Key aspects to high quality syrup are retention time and agitation, ensuring all the sugar is dissolved and avoiding any burning where dairy products are used in the recipe. Dedicated Plate Heat Exchanger Dissolvers and Scraped Surface Dissolvers respectively provide the highest possible quality with efficiency and ease of use.

Plate Heat Exchanger and Scraped Surface Dissolvers for high quality syrups

Baker Perkins produces both Plate Heat Exchanger Dissolvers and Scraped Surface Dissolvers to meet the precise needs of your syrup production.

With outputs available from 200kg to 2000kg per hour, Baker Perkins Plate Heat Exchanger Dissolvers are suitable for the continuous dissolving of a wide range of syrups. The units are designed to be fed with a continuous supply of pre-mixed homogenous syrup slurry.

Plate packs are mounted in an enclosed frame, which makes all surfaces easily accessible for cleaning and hygienic operation, and every product-facing component is stainless steel.

The Baker Perkins range of Scraped Surface Dissolvers are specifically designed for syrups that risk surface burning, such as those containing milk or other dairy fats used in producing toffees and caramels. Here, the heating surface is continuously scraped, avoiding burn on and improving efficiency.

The Baker Perkins scraper design has a fixed speed drive, and the dissolver is fed with a continuous supply of pre-mixed slurry from a suitable holding vessel.

All product contact surfaces are stainless steel, and the vertical steam-jacketed heating tube is constructed to accepted pressure vessel regulations for complete safety and long service life.


  • Continuous dissolvers for all confectionery syrup types, including those containing dairy fats
  • Designed for hygienic operation and with robust construction
  • Energy efficient dissolving for reduced operating costs
  • Available in a range of outputs up to 2000kg per hour to suit all production scales