Pharmaceutical tablet coating machine

Tablet coating requires spraying, mixing, and drying procedures that must be carried out simultaneously under strict conditions to maintain the coating’s stability. For a high-quality result, liquid coatings must be applied uniformly to every tablet to protect them from light and moisture.

Spray, mix, and dry tablets quickly and evenly

The Tablet Coaters BTC from Bohle is a system that combines mixing, spraying, and drying, to produce uniformly coated tablets. The system consists of a flat tablet bed with a long pan that sprays the tablets while being mixed carefully and continuously by helical baffles. The systematic forced guidance in the pan keeps the load in constant motion, preventing twinning and loss of solids and coating. Thanks to the elongated pan, the flat tablet bed allows minimum static pressure, which helps prevent the tablets’ breakage.

Emptying the system can be done quickly by reversing the rotational direction of the pan. Air is supplied and exhausted through the perforated pan to quickly dry the spray-coated tablets. The system is equipped with a multi-panel display for operation controls and can be integrated with CIP system.


  • Available in capacities ranging from 50 to 980 liters
  • Reduced coating process time by up to 35% compared to conventional coating
  • Anti-bearding caps of spray nozzles allow long operating life
  • Constant rotation speed allows gentle handling of tablets, prevents damage
  • Uniform coating of tablets