Pharmaceutical bottle unscrambler

Pharmaceutical packaging industry requires the ability to quickly manage the process yet achieve efficiency. Having a reliable bottle unscrambler can assure your pharmaceutical plastic bottles are prepared faster for the next step in the packaging process, which helps to reduce production time, save costs, and increase the overall output.

Effective packaging solution for pharmaceutical bottles

The CVC’s 1266 Bottle Unscrambler is a variable packaging solution developed to automatically feed empty plastic bottles from a bin and place them on a conveyor. The empty bottles are received in bulk which are then lifted and deposited. The unscrambler orients, processes, and positions the bottles onto a moving conveyor for further downstream processing. The machine can handle up to 200-250 empty bottles per minute, either running independently or being integrated into an automated packaging line.

The Pharmaceutical bottle unscrambler is equipped with a Human Machine Interface (HMI) panel, which accelerate the working process. The machine can also be equipped with ionized air rinse assembly, sensors to detect upside down bottle, fallen bottle reject assembly, sensors to check hopper level, tower lamp and static eliminator bar.


  • ISO 9001:2000 certified
  • Equipped with an HMI panel
  • Memory capacity for 10 jobs
  • No changing parts required