High Speed Double-Sided Tablet Press

To achieve as much as double the output of single-sided tablet press, the upper and lower surfaces of the turrets where the tablets are pressed have to be both productive. These hard-working double-sided tablet press machines benefit from robust construction, and a simple, rugged design that is simple to operate to easily convert to bi-layer mode and to have high volume output.

A Robust, High Speed Double-Sided Tablet Press

The KIKUSUI Aquarius G-K tablet press is purpose-built for  pharmaceutical and health supplement industries. The robust design features interchangeable turrets, and the press can operate in dual mode thanks to the hybrid module and kit provided as standard.

The Aquarius G-K standard model offers an optional turret exchange lifter, and cart. The user-friendly touch screen on a swivel arm is standard, as are the punch head guard, upper and lower dust seals and bellows that minimize product contamination. These features combine to deliver a fast, reliable double-sided tablet press.

This robust machine features an 11Kw electric motor,10-ton pre and main compression rollers, and closed feeder and vacuum collecting system to fulfil high speed production and bi-layer tableting.


  • Fast turret changes for reducing changeover time
  • Easy switching to hybrid head for bi-layer production
  • 10-ton pre and main rollers enable precise tablet compression

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