Automatic laboratory capsule filler

Innovators in the highly regulated and highly dynamic pharmaceutical market place need equipment that is worry-free and flexible enough to vary products and process variables as new products are developed.  Laboratory capsule filling machine must be easy to maintain, allow for rapid tooling change-over, and provide tightly controlled process variables and automatic operation in order to ensure results that are reproducible at the production scale.

A complete encapsulation solution for the laboratory

The AFT-T Lab system from ACGE is a laboratory capsule filler from the AF series of capsule fillers that is currently running in over 1000 production facilities throughout the world.  The AF series of machines is built for regulatory compliance, revenue optimization, and flexibility giving pharmaceutical manufacturers the features they demand such as formulation and dosing control, minimal product loss, a wide range of peripheral equipment, and globally available support.

The AFT-T Lab machine has all the benefits associated with the larger equipment in the series but on a scale appropriate for laboratories.  The machine can output up to 6,000 capsules per hour for powder filling and 5,000 capsules per hour for pellet filling.  It uses a 1.1 kW primary motor.  It weighs about 1,200 Kg and occupies only 2.25 square meters of floor space making it the perfect scale for any pharmaceutical laboratory.


  • Fully automatic capusle filling for laboratories
  • Single format part allowing experiments with up to four capsule sizes
  • Easy and quick changeover
  • Fills powder/pellets/tablets/micro-tablets/capsule-in-capsule and other combinations
  • cGMP guideline compliant

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