Syrup preparation tank

Syrups and suspensions are typically produced under the same high-quality conditions as used for sterile processes. The safe, reliable and repeatable production of high-quality syrups requires a carefully designed and executed dedicated plant. High performance is also vital to ensure a rapid return on investment. A well-designed syrup preparation tank is a vital cornerstone for any successful plant.

High performance syrup production tanks

The Ipros range of syrup production tanks have been designed specifically with the needs of the pharmaceutical industry in mind. They are a vital part of any well-designed syrup or suspension production plant.

Ipros tanks are fully ATEX-compliant, and have been designed to be completely compatible with Clean in Place and Sterilise in Place solutions.

They have been designed with complete drainability as standard, with no dead-leg areas. Product sampling points are built in to your specification, and Ipros syrup tanks use diaphragm valve technology throughout.


  • High quality tanks suitable for sterile pharmaceutical production
  • Built to your exact requirements
  • CIP/SIP compatible, completely drainable, no dead-leg areas
  • ATEX compliant
  • High performance diaphragm valves throughout

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