Agitator bead mill for functional foods and flavors

Fine-grinding solid flavors to improve taste properties and integration into your food product, you need a clean flexible milling solution that can handle a large variety of materials.

Super-fine grinding and dispersion for technology refines food and enhances flavors

DYNO®-MILL Universal Bead Mill (UBM) from WAB-GROUP® provides ultra-fine grinding and efficient dispersion solutions for a wide range of food and beverages, from laboratory-scale (DYNO®-MILL UNI LAB) to large-scale production. The mill accommodates a grinding chamber volume ranging from 0.5 to 100 l while utilizing grinding media ranging between Ø 0.2 and 2.5 mm. It serves dispersion and grinding for food refinement of chocolates, natural colorants, alternative foods, food supplements, and pet foods.  

DYNO®-MILL UBM features the DYNO®-DISC BC agitator discs, designed with grinding media channels, which ensure effective acceleration of the grinding beads along a precisely defined path. During operation, each bead channel forms two grinding circuits between agitator discs, operating in opposite directions. The closed outer contour securely retains the beads between the discs and uniformly distributes them within the active grinding chamber, giving efficient dispersion and fine grinding of food and beverage products.  


  • User-friendly, ergonomic design for easy operation and cleaning
  • Large screen passage areas allow high throughputs and highly viscous products
  • High wear-resistance with lower maintenance costs
  • Long service life

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