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When you are making chocolate you often have a special recipe that makes your chocolate products unique. No matter whether you are a small-scale craftsman or you are developing an industrial-scale production facility, there are technologies that can help you improve. Chocolate-making equipment for all sizes and tastes.

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When selecting production equipment for a production plant, it is important to talk to someone with experience in your field. Our industry experts have experience with various industrial applications. We’d love to help you!
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Are you into making chocolates? And would you like to improve or expand your chocolate production? For example, have you considered producing your own chocolate or compound? Can you refine your chocolate so that it will taste even better? How are you enrobing your cookies? Is your moulding process efficient and hygienic? Can you benefit from optimizing your chocolate filling line using one-shot technologies?

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Our range of equipment covers everything from 3 or 5-roll refiners to energy-saving ball mill solutions, traditional dry conches, wet conching solutions, storage tanks and tempering machines, enrobing lines, one-shot or traditional shell moulding, and more. We can help you improve your production of chocolate-enrobed bars, biscuits, and cookies. We also have extensive experience supporting producers of chocolate tablets, hollow figures, and pralines. Or what about cocoa-based lentils, chips, or beans? Or cookies with enrobed centers? Depending on your desired output, you may benefit from semi-automatic to fully automatic solutions. Browse some of our technologies and products using the search bar on the top right, or give us a call to discuss them in person.

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