Versatile X-ray inspection system

Versatile X-ray inspection system for product weight, quantity and shape to detect the presence of contaminants.

Choose a reliable X-ray system optimized to your process

The KD74 series from Anritsu come in different models that can be optimized for packaged and unpackaged goods, bulk powder or liquid products. What sets the series apart are the high sensitivity and stability to detect both soft and wire contaminants. The unique image processing algorithms are used. For improving detection sensitivity, abundant functions are included such as shape detection, relative mass function and others. The masking technology introduced to eliminate dense areas from the image.

The design of this inspection system is user friendly and excellent safety mechanisms are equipped in it. For maintenance, the conveyor belt can be easily removed and attached. Ethernet communication and USB ports are employed for data transfer and recording. X-ray output is maximum 210 Watts.


  • Assures customer safety and assured quality
  • Multi-line inspection
  • Masking technology improves the detection sensitivity
  • Easy control and seamless information transfer

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