High capacity decorator

Enhance the appearance of your product by applying final finishing touches and designs. This is a servo-controlled universal decorating machine for a wide variety of confectionery products capable of a virtually unlimited range of dash, zigzag, and circular motions.

Servo driven, precise, and 100% reproducible decoration

Kreuter’s servo high capacity decorator CW is a universal decorating system for a wide variety of products. Nozzles are spaced as low as little as 5mm apart and have diameters down to 1mm allowing very fine decorative lines and patterns to be applied in a perfectly reproducible and consistent manner. All decoration pattern data is stored electronically and can readily be recalled and perfectly reproduced at any time.



  • Can be integrated into enrobing/coating machines or function independently
  • Available with 1 or 2 axis servo control
  • Available with integrated PLC control with recipe management
  • Support is available for the development of decoration pattern solutions

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