Flexible chocolate tablet wrapping machine

In the overcrowded and competitive confectionery industry, attractive chocolate packaging is a key component in generating good sales. If you are a start-up or a small-scale producer of artisan chocolate, finding a wrapping solution that meets your requirements and delivers high-quality results can be hard. When upgrading from manual wrapping customers are generally looking for a cost-efficient solution that can deliver the wrapping quality matching high-volume machines.

Save time and labor costs using chocolate wrapping machine

The Lareka BTB25 is an entry-level tablet wrapper specially designed for small-scaled chocolatiers. It is a horizontally operated machine that provides a flexible packaging solution for low volume production (6000-150.000 bars/month). It can wrap chocolate tablets of different sizes, in the following ranges, a width of 25-100 mm, a length of 50-200 mm, and a height of 6-25 mm.

This Flexible tablet chocolate wrapping machine is easy to use and has a simple configuration. It is a much faster alternative to traditional hand wrapping solutions and can wrap up to 25 bars/min. It allows a fast size conversion in just 15 minutes. It is ideal for small capacities and it allows you to pack a variety of sizes in a short span of time.

This equipment can wrap your chocolate tablet in the single layer, double layer with banderol, or double layer full envelope fold packaging styles to enhance its shelf appeal. It allows you to choose from a long list of packaging materials for the inner layer: like aluminum foil, biodegradable film, transparent film, or any other material that blocks fat and can be folded for the inner layer. As for the outer layer, you can use stack paper or even cardboard. It maintains the latest and highest levels of safety and hygiene standards. Thus, it is ideal for the wrapping of artisan chocolates, crafted chocolate bars, or bean to bar tablets. It also provides you with an option for additional size sets, an infeed conveyor, and a date or batch coding device.


  • Perfect for crafted, artisan chocolate bars
  • Offers a wide range of sizes
  • Format change in just 15 minutes
  • Maintains product quality