Horizontal cartoner for food products

Depending on the primary product packages, food products like confectionery (biscuits and candies) that are packaged in a tray, can be a tight fit with secondary packaging. In this case, a solution that would be able to load the product horizontally (from the bottom of the packaging) and that pushes the product into a carton from the side, would be ideal. A horizontal cartoner is a great match for efficiently packaging food products such as flour mixes, frozen dumplings or snacks, where there’s not too much worry about breakage.

Pushing the product horizontally into cartons

The Basis50 horizontal cartoning machine designed by Basis shapes cartons for secondary packaging of food products from pre-glued blanks. Blank cartons are loaded in the machine, after which the small flaps on the end of the carton are folded, followed by the bigger flaps. With the machine, the food products that might come in bags or trays or other primary packaging, are now automatically pushed in the cartons by pushers in continuous motion. After putting the product in the preformed cartons, necessary information is printed on the outer box flap, after which the packaging is sealed with hot melting glue. The machine works with a production speed of up to 50 cartons per minute.

Secondary packaging sizes are flexible in length, width and height. The machine can work with getting the supply from a conveyor system or a flow pack. Another option is getting the supply manually. Also, it is easy to change between the primary packaging solution, be it a thin plastic film or for example group stacking of bars. Then, there is the option for the Basis50 to work with various types of packs.


  • Easy starter model
  • Minimal operating costs
  • Works with cardboard of different quality