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Cereals are also defined as breakfast food that is made from a roasted grain and typically eaten with milk or yogurt. Cereal grain is the small, hard, and dry seed, which mainly harvests for human or animal consumption like wheat, maize, or rye. Processed from the edible components of the grains, breakfast cereals contain rich nutrients and usually serve as the main course during breakfast meals. Different processing lines and food machines allow various options to appear on the market, ranging from cereals, granola, and muesli. Granola and muesli can be converted to cereal bars. The healthy, on-the-go snack bar shows a growing trend due to its nutrients content and convenience.

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Breakfast cereal is one of the most popular meals to eat in the morning around the world. Cereals go through a vast production line. They are usually processed mostly from cereal corn, oats, wheat, and rice. After harvesting, the grains will be crushed to remove the outer layer or ground into flour. To prepare the grains ready to be shaped, the grains will be sent into a rotating pressure cooker and a drying oven. If the grains are grounded into flours, they’ll be cooked in a cooking extruder, which mixes the flours with other ingredients such as water, vitamins, or flavorings.

After stabilizing the moisture content of the grains, they can be further processed into desired forms ranging from flaked, puffed, shredded, or other special forms of cereals. Granolas and mueslis involve mixing grains with nuts or fruits and cooking them on the conveyor belt through an oven.

Different Types of Breakfast Cereals

Cereals can be made in various forms of shapes through extruders and pellets. Gone are the days where there is only breakfast corn flakes. Nowadays, there are so many different varieties of breakfast cereals Special forms of cereals such as circles or shapes of alphabets can also be achieved by adding a die to the end of the extruder to form a ribbon which will later be cut.

Granolas are processed by baking the grains until crispy, coating with honey, and sometimes mixed with dried fruits or chocolate chips. On the other hand, muesli keeps the most nutrients since the grains are directly flattened and mixed with dried fruits or other ingredients.

Producing Cereal Bars and Snacks

In the healthy snacking sector, cereal bars and cereal-based snacks play a large part in the demand for healthier eating due to the nutrient content and the convenience factor. To process cereal mix to cereal bars, accurate feeding of major ingredients and molding are quite essential.

First, the cereal mix should be mixed evenly with the binder, which is usually agglutinate syrups. After the mixture is laminated and dried, it can be cut into a bar shape and feed into a flow wrapper for packaging.

Packing your cereal products

While some cereals, such as shredded wheat, are pretty resistant to moisture and stored directly in cardboard boxes, some cereal products need to be placed in an airtight and waterproof bag to protect them from being damaged. Resealable, flexible, and stand-up pouches have shown a growing trend in cereal packaging. At the same time, as the off-to-go snack bar has become more popular, the single-serve packing also shows its potential.

Cereal making equipment in action

Automatic line for cereal bars

Making breakfast cereal and snacks with twin-screw extruder

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