Laboratory confectionery depositors

When designing new confectionery products, the ability to experiment on lab-scale equipment is valuable. In order to ensure that results can translate into full-scale production, experimental equipment must give results that can be accurately scaled to production level. By using a range of speciality experimental and small batch confectionery depositors you can ensure your product development and pilot process translates accurately to full-scale production.

Range of pilot and lab scale confectionery depositing equipment

Baker Perkins has almost a century of experience in the confectionery, baking, snacks and cereals sectors and a worldwide reputation for technological excellence. Their complete range of laboratory and pilot-scale depositors allow confectionery manufacturers to develop product without the costly exercise of having to use production plant for testing.

Baker Perkins pilot scale depositors can also be used for small batch or limited production runs for sample creation or market testing, significantly reducing costs compared to using full-scale plant for the same purpose.

A wide range of units is available which allows for the development a many product types, including hard candies and lollipops in solid, striped, layered and filled varieties; soft candies like toffee, caramel and fondant; and gums and jellies using the unique Baker Perkins ServoForm process.

All Baker Perkins lab scale equipment has been designed to faithfully reproduce the processes of full size plants. This means settings and recipes developed in the lab will seamlessly upscale to your production environment.


  • Industry-leading technology in lab scale, backed up by assistance from Baker Perkins food technologists
  • Quickly and easily turn new concepts and recipes into commercially viable products
  • Highly cost effective compared to using existing plant for test batches or short run trials
  • Accurate and scalable results reduce the costs of developing new product lines