Intelligent Continuous Food Cartoner

Fully automated robotic packing solutions enable larger-scale food producers to pack all their food shapes and sizes in a single line. Feed, check and pack your products at high speeds with full control and flexible configuration.

Smart intelligent carton packing for all food-grade products

The MAESTRO Cartoner, from Mpac, is an automatic carton packaging system for commercial products such as breakfast cereals, milk powder, coffee or food pouches. Controls for operation are done through an Intelligent Machine Interface where information on machine status and changeover procedures can be monitored. The system can accommodate a wide range of carton sizes and types, such as flip top cartons and windowless cartons. Smart flexible infeed systems help to feed different products in bags, pouches, or flow wraps into the cartoner automatically at higher speeds. The entire system is servo-driven and coupled directly to its components for minimal wear and longer operating life and is made of hygienic and durable stainless steel. The open frame design allows easy access for maintenance and good visibility of product flow during operation. Processes in the system include precise carton erecting, loading, transportation, and closing.


  • Wide range of carton types and sizes
  • Tuck-in flap closure
  • Easy access to components for maintenance
  • Max. Output 500 cartons/ min
  • Fast changeover in less than 10 minutes
  • Direct coupling of servo and components