Nut roaster

Nut roaster that guarantees a high-quality roasting of nuts and seeds with a batching capacity of 40 and 120 kg, depending on the model.

Premium batch roasting solution for nuts and seeds

The TIS Series Nut Roaster from Toper R&D provides you with an incomparable roasting solution that allows you to obtain a fine an accurate result when processing numerous types of nuts, oily seeds, legumes, cereals, and spices. The series come in two different models with a frequency of 50 – 60 Hz and voltage range of 220 – 230 – 280 V.


  • A wide premium roasting range, from nuts to species
  • An Input capacity of 40 kg for the TIS-40 and 120 kg for the TIS-60, quite resourceful regardless of the model
  • Capability to produce a high-standard, roasting experience