Granola batch mixer

The production of granola-based recipes requires careful ingredients handling to ensure optimum quality. The use of a specifically designed ingredients mixer as the start point of a granola product line ensures the perfect mix, improving quality and protecting tastes and textures.

Dedicated granola ingredients mixer

The Baker Perkins Granola Mixer is the key starting point for high quality granola product lines. The start point is a thorough yet gentle pre-mix of all dry ingredients to ensure a uniform end product. In the Granola Mixer a spiral ribbon blade agitator carefully mixes dried ingredients with a gentle action that preserves appearance and texture. Oats, grains, and dried fruits can all be mixed.

The dry mix is then blended with oil and sugar to form a uniform mass. When fully mixed this can then be sent to a metered feed unit to create a sheet of constant thickness that can be sent on down the line. The Granola Mixer features a pneumatically operated slide valve with a large opening and gridded outlet chute.

The whole unit has been designed with easy hygiene in mind, and is all stainless steel. Blades are fully welded to eliminate any product build-up areas and additional access hatches provide for easy clean up.

A wide range of options is available, including heavy duty blades for stiffer masses, heating or cooling jackets, sprayers for the addition of further liquids, and many more.


  • Robust design with hygienic stainless steel for longevity and easy cleaning
  • Wide range of options to suit all recipe and product types
  • Gentle yet thorough mixing of even delicate ingredients