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Sugar is the fuel that drives photosynthesis in plants. The leafy organisms constantly convert water and carbon dioxide into glucose. But it takes manufacturers specialized sugar processing technology to extract the sweet crystals from them. Today, most sugar products are derived either from sugarcane or sugar beet.

What sugar equipment do you need?

Evaporator for heat sensitive products

The removal of solvents when making products in industries like food, cosmetics, pha...

Pillow bag vertical packing machine

When packaging products such as seeds, cereal, snacks, candies, nuts, tea, dried fruits...

Mid-shear mixer

Mid shear mixers are typically used for processes where high shear leads to product deformation and low shear ...

ATEX Indoor silo for sugar and flour

Storing granulated or powdered materials such as sugar and flour prior to processing r...

Grinder for spices and coffee

Gentle grinding of coffee down to all grades from coarse to fine requires high precision proce...

Hammer mill

A hammer mill crushes aggregate material into smaller pieces; the most common applications can be found in food, c...

Small sugar mill for entry level production

Sugar powder is a key ingredient in a wide range of bakery, confectionery, and...

Stickpack Machine

If you are looking to pack your product into stick packs from 17 x 40 mm to 100 x 200 mm in size, you may b...

Sachet Machine

If you want to pack into eye-catching 4-side sealed sachets between 40×50 mm and 250×200 mm in size, ...

Multi-functional food processor for a high sugar percentage pastes production

For the development and production of hi...

Wiped film evaporator

With wiped film distillation, a substantial decrease of boiling temperature is obtained by reducing the...

Continuous cooker for hard caramels

Continuously cook ingredients for your hard caramel-based product. This is a three-stag...

Fine sugar grinder

Developed especially to meet the requirements of sugar grinding, it is also suitable for similar applicati...

Isolator centrifuge

For transfering highly active pharmaceutical ingredients (HAPI) without contamination from the isolator c...

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Apply shock-liming sulphitation to clarify the juice

The shock-liming sulphitation process produces juice with a high rate of clarity. Sulfur dioxide (SO2) and lime remove non-sugars from the liquid. This is generally different to the juice that comes from fruits as that usually has a low rate of clarity.

Heat the juice to 70°C-75°C for around 10 seconds to raise its pH level between 9.2 and 9.5. After neutralization with sulfur dioxide, the pH lowers to about 7.0.

Concentrate sucrose to 70 °Bx with sugar processing technology

Evaporate water in the juice of crushed sugar cane to raise the sucrose concentration. Crystallization occurs when the water content decreases to leave a minimum 70 Brix.

A multiple-effect evaporator passes the clarified juice through a heat exchanger to gradually lower moisture content. Steam from water evaporated in one effect is used to heat the subsequent effect. Steam is then collected in the condensation unit, ready to be reused.

Steam-spray the massecuite to release sugar crystals after centrifugation

Sugar crystals trapped in the massecuite after the centrifugation process present a challenge. Spraying the mesh basket achieves some recovery, but many crystals may be washed out.

Instead, treat the massecuite with steam spray post-centrifugation process to facilitate the drainage of molasses and retain the crystals. The characteristic time for heat diffusion into the molasses is about 0.6 sec.

Processing steps involved in sugar making

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