Mini sugar coating machine

The coating of grains or nuts with sugar is a popular process in the manufacture of many bakery products, but traditional sugar coaters are made for large volume production and are therefore expensive and difficult. For very small batch production or for product design work, a dedicated miniature sugar coater is the perfect solution, balancing cost with rapid yet consistent results.

Small batch sugar coater for nuts and grains for product design or small batch production

The P2RE Sugar Coater from MIA Food Tech is the perfect choice for any environment where a high quality and consistent sugar coating is desired but in very small batch sizes. Ideal for use in independent bakeries, or as part of a product development line, the P2RE offers bigger machine performance in a small package.

The P2RE is designed for the sugar-coating of all nuts and whole grains, including almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, and many more. Weighing only 30kg, the P2RE can batch coat up to 2kg of nuts in each run.

Designed for table-top mounting, the P2RE is simple to operate, and the entire drum assembly is easily tipped forward onto the included product tray when the coating is complete. Despite its smaller size, construction is all stainless and components are of the highest specification, including a copper coating drum.

The unit is easy to clean, features simple and intuitive user controls, and produces a high-quality, repeatable sugar coating every time.


  • Perfect for small batch production or product development environments
  • Table-top form factor makes it easy to use and install
  • All stainless construction with copper drum for longevity and simple cleaning
  • Simple one-person “tip to empty” operation
  • Only 700mm x 500mm x 700mm - suitable for any location

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