Sugar dissolving system for beverages

In the beverage industry, production of sweet drinks requires the addition of sugar syrup. Purchasing the syrup can be very expensive, concerning the volume of the liquid material and thus, transportation costs. To reduce these costs, dissolving granulated sugar can be an advantageous alternative. It can be done effectively using either a batch system suitable for small scale manufacturers, or continuous system ideal for industrial scale.

Dissolving sugar using batch or continuous system

A Due offers two systems for dissolving sugar, a batch, and a continuous dissolving system. The traditional batch system is used for production lines with smaller flow rates. Depending on the percentage of sugar to be dissolved, cold (from 20°C) or hot (up to 90°C) methods can be used. The hot method dissolves sugar quicker compared to the cold method, which requires longer time. The ingredients in the batch system can be mixed by means of hydrojet systems (jet-mix), high-speed eccentric stirrers, or a high shear propeller design.

Easy.Dinamix is the continuous sugar dissolving system designed by A Due. It can use both hot and cold dissolving at a temperature within the range 25 ÷ 85 °C. It is also suitable to treat granulated white beet sugar and/or brown can sugar. Easy.Dinamix has a production capacity of 3,000 to 30,000 liters per hour. It has an easy-to-install monobloc design, which makes the entire system compact. Different than the batch system, the continuous dissolving system can be operated continuously every day.


  • Constant production and no interruption
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact dimension and less footprint
  • Up to 35.000 l/h of sugar syrup
  • Modular design for hot and cold dissolution

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