Sachet Machine

If you want to pack into eye-catching 4-side sealed sachets between 40×50 mm and 250×200 mm in size, investing in a reliable sachet machine will be a good investment.

Fast and flexible solution for your sachet needs

The Sachet Machine series SA 300 & SA 600 by VikingMašek are continuous motion multi-lane sachet machines. They make eye-catching 4-side seal packets using just one roll of packaging film that can seal your product with high speed and efficiency.

The versatile multi-lane sachet machines can accommodate from 1 to 6 lanes (SA600) or from 1 to 10 lanes (SA600) to form sachet pouches, running as fast as 80 cycles per minute.

Designed to pack powders, dense, fine, loose and particulate materials as well as liquids and semi-liquids into 4-side sealed sachets and to accommodate different bag shapes including tear notches and easy-open system. They can be fitted with servo auger fillers & volumetric fillers for powder applications, and two different liquid fillers for sauces or creams.


  • Automatic bag length adjustment
  • Quiet and smooth function
  • Provides fully automated cartoning solutions
  • Can accommodate different bag shapes

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