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Ancient civilizations discovered that plant extracts were useful for the treatment of pathologies. The origin of plant extraction cannot be specifically verified, but we can infer that the earliest attempts at plant extraction were more intuitive than scientific. Today, the extraction of compounds is a precise process with plant extraction systems complimenting traditional knowledge.

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Plant extraction technology relies on heat treatment

Conventional extraction processes such as maceration, decoction, infusion, digestion, percolation, and hydrodistillation remain effective. But advanced techniques such as ultrasound-assisted extraction and microwave-assisted extraction reduce the heat impact on the target compounds.

An alternative technique uses solvents, such as ethanol and C02, to dissolve the plant material and absorb the oils. The solvent is then evaporated, releasing the plant extract. Depending on the type of solvent used, high or low temperatures raise the levels of solubility and diffusion, but excessive heat risks perishing thermolabile components.

Set drying temperatures to between 40°C and 50°C

Place the plant in an oven with a temperature range above 40°C but not exceeding 50°C. In the case of delicate plants, freeze-drying protects the thermolabile compounds. Set drying temperatures to between -60°C and -80°C

Drying the materials before they are processed by plant extraction technology preserves them from enzymatic degradation.

Plant extract applications in the animal care sector

In addition to featuring prominently in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries, plant extracts are useful for animal care. Extracts derived from various plants are effective at destroying parasites that target pets and livestock.

In fact, several plants contain natural active ingredients such as geraniol and eugenol that are deadly to pests. These chemical compounds in these plants are effective against parasites.

Plant extraction technology oriented towards active packaging

Plant extracts can be applied to Active Packaging solutions. This novel procedure incorporates antimicrobial compounds in the plants in packaging film solutions.

The hydrophobicity of essential oils forms a boundary wall to minimize the migration of water vapor through the film. Meanwhile, the natural antioxidative properties in plant extracts add a protective layer to the packed products.

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