Agitator for low viscosity media

Reliably agitating fluids in open or pressure-less vessels in a laboratory or small scale production environment is often an important step in developing new products and processes for a wide variety of industries.  Innovators need simple, reliable mixing equipment that is simple to operate and optimized for their particular output requirements.

A simple, safe, and powerful rotary agitator with a variety of interchangeable heads

The Turbotron RKG line from IKA is a simple and robust rotary agitator for lower viscosity fluids designed to act from above on an open or pressure-less vessel in a variety of industries.  The units are powerful, with motor powers from .25 to .75 kW and have infinitely adjustable agitating shaft speeds from 20 to 1200 rpm.  Interchangeable agitating tools can be fixed to the shaft to optimize the action on the fluid to achieve your desired results.  Tools available include, propellers, turbines, and dissolvers, as well as centrifugal, paddle, or anchor stirrers.  All parts that contact the product are stainless steel and optional safety guards to protect personnel from the rotating shaft are also available.


  • Simple design for simple, safe, and smooth operation
  • All parts that come in contact with the product are 316L stainless steel
  • A broad range of tools available for optimized adaptation to a variety of mixing and stirring tasks
  • Infinitely adjustable rotation speed
  • Explosion-proof design

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