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Industrial extraction equipment unlocks the valuable compounds hidden away in natural materials. Automated extraction equipment is applied in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to extract active compounds from medicinal plants or herbs. For example, extracting cannabinoids from cannabis plants. But the process is also fundamental to the food industry, recovering various components like aromas, oleoresins, and proteins.  Considerations for selecting suitable extraction technology include the type of plant material to be processed, the extract's heat sensitivity, and the production volume.

Separate liquid substances with two-phase extraction equipment

Liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) separates immiscible solvents and is used to purify compounds. This type of extraction is typically performed with one aqueous phase and one organic phase with minimal solubility in water, such as diethyl ether or dichloromethane.

Industrial equipment for liquid-liquid extraction contacts the two phases together to trigger the separation of layers.

Increase the contact between phases to obtain higher liquid-liquid extraction

The higher the contact, the more efficient the process. Extraction technology, therefore, is usually fitted with a mixing device to facilitate interaction between the phases.

Industrial liquid-liquid extraction equipment is mainly used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries to recover active ingredients. But it is also applied to the food sector to purify edible oils and wash out undesired compounds.

Use liquid-solid extraction equipment to pressure molecules out of a matrix.

The liquid-solid extraction (LSE) method separates nonvolatile components like glycerin, salt, and sucrose. It is also a solution for capturing finely dispersed substances in solids, such as caffeine in coffee.

Solid-liquid extraction equipment mixes solvents to pressure cells out of an insoluble solid matrix. The traditional techniques include maceration and percolation, but newer technologies apply supercritical fluids and accelerated solvent extraction principles to achieve higher yields.

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Non-conventional extraction equipment reaches higher temperatures for increased efficiency

Like traditional extraction methods, non-conventional systems are based on diffusion to cleave the bioactive compounds from the solid matrix. The solvents decrease the granulometry of the solid and increase the affinity towards the compounds. But newer technologies facilitate diffusion by applying higher temperatures non-aggressively.

Industrial extraction equipment in this category includes ultrasound-assisted extraction (UAE), ultrasonic extraction (USE), and microwave-assisted extraction (MAE).

Temperature control is critical in essential oil extraction

Many of the components in essential oils and CBD oils become unstable at high temperatures, so extraction equipment for this application is specially designed to preserve the compounds.

Traditional hydrodistillation systems heat the plant until its molecules are released into the vapor and captured in a condenser. Advanced extraction technology, such as microwave-assisted systems, rupture the raw material without subjecting the ingredients to extreme heat.

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Rapid extraction systems remove the gradient of pressure to accelerate the liquid outflow

Rapid solid-liquid dynamic extraction (RSLDE) proposes a novel approach. Instead of relying on diffusion or osmosis, the extraction system creates a negative gradient of pressure between the cell wall and its surrounding area.

This “active process” causes the liquids to flow out of the solid matrix with lower resistance than passive techniques.

Retain nutrients in fruit and veg juices with industrial cold press technology

Cold press extraction equipment applies pressure to separate the juices or oils from the fibrous materials. It is typically used to extract the liquids from fruit and vegetables, but it is also a pressing solution for seeds and nuts.

The technology does not involve cooling in the process, but it gets its name because it prevents the build-up of heat. Other mechanical juicers such as centrifuges expose the raw foods to oxygen and heat, deteriorating the nutrition value as a consequence. Cold treatment preserves the bioactive compounds in the extracted liquids. At the same time, however, this same technique does not eliminate the natural macrobacteria in fresh foods. Cold pressed product, therefore, have a shorter shelf life.

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