Tomato seed extraction machine

Although it’s the safest method, extracting tomato seeds manually can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Plus, labor costs are very high and finding staff is becoming increasingly difficult. However, when deciding to automate the extraction, breeding stations fear losing precision, damaging seeds, and cleanliness, which are three key aspects of the process. It is therefore important to choose a machine that will treat your seeds gently.

Separating seeds from tomato pulp and juice without damaging the seeds

The EMM-1201 Tomato Seed Extraction Machine from Seed Processing Holland is a seed extraction unit, specifically for tomatoes. This compact unit can extract seeds from small tomato lots of around 10 to 100 tomatoes. The machine separates the tomatoes into three products (seed, pulp, and juice) in a single process. The crushing mechanism is easily accessible through removable covers for quick inspection and maintenance. The system features a built-in water nozzle system for rinsing the mechanism during and after extraction to remove residues. The processed seeds are clean and require less cleaning after extraction as most of the gelatinous material covering the seeds is partially rubbed away.


  • Saves time in extraction of seeds compared to manual
  • Can be applied to other varieties of tomatoes (cherry and vine)
  • Easy maintenance with a water connection for flushing
  • Gentle treatment of seeds