Flower oil extraction machine

The production of “essential oils” has traditionally involved using heat and distillation to extract volatiles. However, many of the key volatiles are sensitive to heat and/or pressure, and their essence is lost using traditional techniques. A new solution that uses harmless refrigerant gas can extract the finest oils from even the most delicate flowers to enhance product quality and potency.

Refrigerant gas-based oil extraction for delicate flowers, herbs and plants

The FC Extractor from Timatic uses the properties of HFC 134 to extract all the natural oils and volatile compounds of low molecular weight. No pre-treatment is required, and extraction can occur from any biomass, whether fresh or dried, including flowers, leaves, seeds, bark, roots, and more.

The fully automatic extraction process takes place in anaerobic conditions, preventing any oxidation, and using carefully controlled temperatures and pressures. The gas used in the process is filtered continuously, and when the extraction is complete, it is automatically recovered so it can be reused for subsequent batches.

Because the plant material is never heated beyond room temperature, even the most volatile flavour and aroma components are conserved. This produces oils of a much higher quality than traditional “essential oil” extraction techniques.

Available in two formats, three models for lab-scale and small production, three for medium and large-scale production, the FC series can suit your exact production requirements.

The fully automated FC extractors feature easy-to-use real-time graphical displays. These enable operators to see the status of all functions and variables, including extraction time, temperatures and pressures, and the solvent status.


  • Gentle solvent extraction that preserves all volatile flavour and fragrance ingredients
  • Highly efficient extraction process that uses no water and very little energy
  • Uses non-toxic HFC134 that is approved by EU and FDA for food production
  • Can extract oils from the most delicate of material, including flowers
  • Very economical thanks to recycling of HFC134 over multiple extractions