Pilot evaporation plant for the recovery of extracts

For development of concentrates of extracts based on water or ethanol solvents,  a small form factor pilot evaporation plant provides the ideal solution for testing and developing product in a reliable and easy to use configuration, or for small batch processing.

Pilot evaporation plant for R&D and small scale production of a wide range of concentrates

The Devex pilot evaporation plant has been designed with a 100kg per hour capacity and yet its compact construction means it can operate in the smallest of spaces.

Appropriate for use to concentrate a wide range of extractions based on water or ethanol solvent including herbal extracts and medicinal plant, coffee and tea, fruit and vegetable concentrates, and aromas and colourings.

The plant consists of a plate evaporator with a downstream centrifugal separator. The evaporated vapours are condensed in a plate condenser. A vacuum pump is connected to the condenser, and the vacuum can be adjusted between 20 and 800 mbar. The evaporation temperature can be adjusted according to the product specific boiling curve through the applied vacuum. In this way even temperature sensitive extracts can be concentrated.

Each Devex pilot plant is designed to meet your exact requirements, and can utilise various technologies such as rising film evaporators and falling film evaporators, solvent recovery, and optional thermal vapour compressor.


  • Bespoke design pilot evaporator meets your exact requirements
  • Built to the smallest possible footprint for location flexibility
  • Fully function tested before it leaves the factory for turnkey operation
  • Wide variety of evaporative processes available.