Continuous belt freeze dryer

Freeze drying is the most gentle and aroma protective method of drying, widely used in the coffee industry, but also with applications in the food industry and pharmaceutical sector. Specialist continuous freeze drying plants are bespoke designed to meet your exact requirements and deliver a superior end product.

Continuous belt freeze dryer for gentle handling of delicate product

The Devex continuous vacuum belt freeze dryer is the ideal solution for continuous freeze drying of granulates. It allows gentle batch feeding and discharge via vacuum sluices to preserve product quality and minimize mechanical handling – perfect for delicate products where maximum retention of aroma, taste and colour is vital such as coffee products, pharmaceuticals, fruits and herbs.

A bespoke Devex freeze drying plant can handle the full product cycle: foaming, freezing, granulation, sieving, sublimation inside the belt dryer, ice condensation, heating system and high-vacuum technology.


  • Bespoke engineered solution to your freeze drying requirements
  • Freeze drying offers the maximum preservation of colour and aroma
  • Minimal mechanical handling of the dried product to maximise product quality
  • Final moisture content under 2%