Semi-automatic extraction machine

When extracting seeds from fruit or vegetable crops, it is best to consider a flexible design of the crushing mechanism suitable for both soft-skinned and hard-skinned crops. However, the flexibility of the crushing system should not affect the extraction process by risking damage to the seeds.

Extracting seeds in batch from multiple varieties of fruit or vegetable crops

The EPM-1000 Semi-automatic Extraction Machine from Seed Processing Holland is a seed extraction unit that can extract a small amount of seeds from multiple varieties of fruit or vegetable crops. The unit can remove seeds from tomato, sweet pepper, cucumber, eggplants, and hard-skinned crops like squash.

The system has a hopper to load the crops and a crushing mechanism that doses and crushes the crops using rotating pins. The mechanism has four shafts with pins that rotate at a constant speed. Two upper shafts have pins with sharp ends that can crush hard-skinned crops like squash, while the two lower shafts with pins have round ends for crushing the remaining crop pieces.

The system comes with an aluminum container with a perforated bottom to collect the remaining fruit or vegetable pieces and seeds while draining the juice. The unit also comes with wheels to easily move it around the working area.


  • Capacity of 1 to 10 kg vegetables or fruits per batch
  • Compact and easy to move around due to the equipped wheels
  • Can be applied to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Easy maintenance with a water connection for flushing