Fruit pulping machine

When making fruit pulp, a pulping machine helps you remove seeds, stems, and skins from your fruit. However, oftentimes these machines have a complex structure with many spare parts that require a lot of maintenance and make it difficult to clean the machine. Improper cleanliness level can in turn create the risk of compromising the sterilization process. To avoid this, you might want to consider a machine with a simpler construction.

Removing seeds, stems, and skins of fruits to produce pulps

The Pulping and Refining Equipment Group from Ghizzoni is a system that removes seeds, stems, or skins from fruits to produce pulps. It is applicable to most fruits and vegetables. For fruits with a kernel such as plums or cherries, they first need to go through a destoner before proceeding to this machine. The input product of the pulping and refining machine is fruits that are also already precooked, preheated, or minced. The machine has no scrapers and just a few parts, making it easier to clean and maintain. It is available in different models with outputs ranging from 50 kg/h to 10,000 kg/h. The rotor used in the system is controlled by an inverter, making it possible to adjust the rotational speed.


  • Large capacity depending on the model (50 kg/h to 10,000 kg/h)
  • Adjustable rotor speed
  • Applicable with a variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Easy to clean thanks to having only a few parts