Medicinal plant extraction machine

Traditional methods for extracting active compounds from medicinal plants or herbs use harsh methods such as maceration or percolation, often requiring pretreatments. A modern rapid extraction machine can use a fraction of the energy of traditional methods while extracting active compounds exceptionally quickly, improving the efficiency and throughput of your production.

High-speed extractors for medicinal plants in R&D up to large-scale production sizes

The Rapid Extractor range from Timatic has been designed to speed up the extraction of active compounds from medicinal plants for pharmaceutical use.

A modern, cost-effective alternative to maceration or percolation extractors, the Rapid Extractor range can achieve extractions without pretreatment from both dried and fresh plant matter including flowers, leaves, buds, fruits, seeds, and more. The extraction process is faster than traditional alternatives and yet preserves all the biofunctional compounds from the source material.

The all-stainless 316 construction of the Rapid Extractor means it is suitable for use with a wide range of solvents including alcohol, water, glycol, glycerin, and olive oil.

Anaerobic conditions are maintained in the extraction chambers, which avoids oxidation and degradation of the product.

The working cycle of the Rapid Extractor is fully automatic, and it’s able to operate completely unsupervised – even overnight – further saving costs and resources.

In Mini configuration, the extractor is suitable for small-scale operations and is available in 5, 10, 20, 30, and 50-litre sizes. The Maxi version is aimed at large scale production and is available in 100 or 200-litre sizes.

There is a graphic display panel which displays all parameters and progress. It allows for the programming of time and duration of cycle, pressure and temperature controls, alarms, alerts, and more.


  • Rapid extraction of active plant compounds
  • No human intervention required, even overnight
  • Low operating costs and highly energy efficient
  • Full parameter control allows a wide choice of solvents to be used
  • Available in Mini and Maxi formats, as well as bespoke options, to suit your needs