Seed extraction machine

The supply of high quality seeds is essential as it significantly contributes to the success of every crop. Due to the numerous health benefits of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc., the demand for high-quality seeds has increased worldwide. However, the seed quality is greatly affected by the seed extraction method, and there are very few machines that can extract the seeds without damaging the seed quality.

Damage-free extraction of seeds

The EMM-1100 by Seed Processing Holland can extract seeds from vegetable fruit crops, such as sweet pepper, eggplants, cucumber, melon, tomato, and from hard skin fruit crops, such as small pumpkins and squash, without damaging the extracted seeds.

The fruits are first put into the hopper, and then into a crushing mechanism, where they’re crushed into smaller chunks with rotating pins. The upper pins are designed to be sharper, so hard-skinned fruits can be crushed easily without damaging the seeds.

Boasting an innovative beater design that separates larger fruit parts from the juice and seeds, integrated nozzles that enable operators to flush the machine out during the extraction process, high-quality materials, and individual speed adjustment of the lower and upper beaters, the EMM-1100 minimizes residual formation and ensures that the seeds are not damaged. Lastly, it makes three separations – seeds, juices, and fruit parts – which can be collected separately.


  • Built-in water nozzle minimizes residual formation and allows a quick cleaning cycle
  • Prevents seed contamination by ensuring a fast clean-out
  • Easy closing and opening systems allow easy access