Pilot ultrasonic extractor

In the herbal medicine industry, an ultrasonic extractor is a valid alternative to conventional extraction methods that have a long extraction time. Ultrasounds are able to reduce production time by breaking cell walls to get the active ingredient. With the use of ultrasound only physical properties are needed and there’s no need to add chemicals to achieve extraction. This leads to a purer extraction. Although it’s a pilot machine in line with experimental research needs, it can also be used by small-scale manufacturers who wish to scale up their industrial production process.

Ultrasonic machine for extracting active ingredients in herbal medicine

The Prosonic1000 is a complete ultrasonic liquid treatment equipment that can be applied to the chemical and pharmaceutical (nanomaterial preparation), electronics (graphene preparation), food (sauces, mayonnaise, dietary supplements) and cosmetics (creams, ointments, lotions) industry. The machine designed by Cheersonic is a bridge between laboratory and small-scale production with the purpose to reduce the gap between experimental research and industrial production. The extraction process of natural products in the herbal medicine field is one of the most used applications for the Prosonic1000, but this ultrasonic equipment is also used for other procedures such as emulsification, homogenization, dispersion and lysis and cell disruption.

The operating principle of the Prosonic1000 is based on cavitation. During operation, a liquid is inserted into the tank through an open pump. The tank consists of two layers: internal and external layer. The internal layer stores the liquid, in which the ultrasonic horn transmits ultrasound waves. When high-power ultrasound waves touch the liquid, cycles of high-and low-pressure are generated. In the low-pressure stage, small vapour bubbles are formed before they collapse. This phenomenon of bubble formation, growth and implosion is called acoustic cavitation. By breaking intermolecular bonds, the penetration of an active ingredient into a solvent is easier, and it allows speeding up the extraction time. The ultrasonic horn can be customized according to customer needs in regard to the process. Moreover, the ultrasonic system has the ability to combine different operation modes, such as cyclic and static experimental methods.


  • A shorter extraction time
  • Customizable ultrasonic horn
  • Lower solvent consumption compared to traditional solvent extraction method
  • Increased extraction rate
  • Better product quality due to a complete control of ultrasonic extraction parameters