Organic soybean oil press

In traditional soybean oil production, chemical solvents such as hexane are used to facilitate liquid transfer. However, it requires subsequent separation and removal of used chemical solvents to ensure the quality of the extracted oil. For organic soybean seeds, a hexane-free oil press technology offers an environment-friendly solution to producing ecological oil and feed products.

High-capacity screw press for organic soybean oil production

The organic soybean oil press by Farmet allows for pressing of oil seeds from small capacity of special crops to larger scale of up to 1000 tons per day. This is only possible due to its high efficiency and resistance of the press parts based on optimized screw press geometry design.

Following Farmet’s extrusion process, extruded soybean seeds are conveyed to this mechanical oil press. The screw press compresses and alters the structure of extruded soybeans, using heat to improve the quality of press cakes. This results in high-quality and nutritious ruminant feed. Organic soybean oil is thus pressed and flowing out through press outlet, ready for subsequent separation and filtration. In comparison with solvent extraction, Farmet’s oil press lowers the phospholipid content in soybean oil and thus enhances oil quality.


  • Hexane free
  • Possible processing of up to 1000 tons of seed per day
  • Cost-efficient and easy to maintain

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