Evaporator for manure fertilizer

Traditionally, liquid manure processing can lose some important nutrients. An efficient full nutrient recovery system ensures that nutrient N-P-K are not lost while processing but remain in the end product while allowing easy operation.

Economic, full nutrient recovery while processing liquid slurry

Dorset’s Arnold Vacuum Evaporator is designed for processing liquid fraction with low dry matter content. Its end products are clean water and thick fraction. The system is modular, providing a complete solution for the processing of liquid slurry in 4 steps.

First, the separator moves the solids to the dryer, and the liquid to the vacuum evaporator without any flocculants. Its special configuration of the heat exchanger prevents clogging and allows easy operation. The solids from separation and the concentrate from evaporation can be dried separately or together. The system then, turns the product in a compact good-looking organic fertilizer pellet suitable for storage, long distance transport and export certification procedures.

Alternatively, a simple version of the evaporation system is also available as a standalone product. It can be used for stripping ammonia from liquids, with the end product being ammonium sulphate or ammonia water.


  • No loss of valuable nutrients in end product
  • Clean water is extracted suitable for for use or discharge
  • Modular system reduces investment costs lower vulnerability to interruptions
  • No emissions due to vacuum process
  • Save costs with very low energy consumption
  • Consistent and reliable as it does not rely on any biological process

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