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Making Cbd Oil

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While still forbidden in many countries, there’s plenty of room for the use of cannabidiol, or CBD. It’s the second most present active ingredient of the cannabis plant and, no, it won’t get anybody high. What it does, really, once it’s out of the CBD oil processing equipment, is to provide many well-being and health benefits. They go from treating depression and anxiety to relieving pain and unmanageable diseases’ symptoms.

Which cbd oil technology do you need?

Manual ampoule filler

Manual ampoule filler

When you fill ampoules it is essential to avoid wetting the inside walls of the container, as it may aff…

Benchtop ampoule opening and closing equipment

Benchtop ampoule opening and closing equipment

The procedure for opening or closing ampoules requires you to handle gas and…

Automatic centrifuge for cannabis

Automatic centrifuge for cannabis

Centrifugation is an effective method for producing cannabis extracts. The extraction proc…

Fully certified CBD crude oil extraction machine

Fully certified CBD crude oil extraction machine

Traditional extraction processes involving hot solvent (ethanol) or Co2 ma…

Benchtop cannabis filter press

Benchtop cannabis filter press

Therapeutic uses for cannabis oil are becoming more widely available. For pharmaceutical uses,…

Weight fillers for viscous liquids

Weight fillers for viscous liquids

When filling valuable viscous liquids and precision is paramount or when wanting to fill …


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Where to extract it from? Hemp vs marijuana plants

Before getting the CDB oil for your production, there is some prior work you need to do. This includes cultivating and harvesting the cannabis plant, and then extracting the oil from it. You can extract CBD from two cannabis plants – hemp and marijuana. Hemp contains 0.3% or less of THC (tetrahydro cannabidiol), which is a psychoactive. The hemp plant also contains more CBD compared to the marijuana one. Marijuana, in its turn, has over 0.3% of THC.

While usually mistaken, CBD oil and hemp oil are different. You find and extract CBD oil from hemp flowers and leaves, while hemp comes from the crushing of hemp seeds.

CBD oil extraction equipment and steps

Farming is the first important thing to consider when making CBD oil. The plant soaks toxins from the soil, so it needs to grow organically in a controlled surrounding. You also need to harvest it before trichomes become milky white, which gives a moldy aspect to the plant. It’s important to use dryers right after harvesting.

Once you finish this, extraction can begin. It may occur by different methods, which involve CBD oil processing equipment in combination with hydrocarbon, ethanol, or CO2. These deliver crude cannabis oil, which you then need to purify.

Choosing the ideal CBD oil extraction method and equipment

Ethanol and CO2 are usually the safest solvents you can use in the CBD oil extraction process. In the ethanol process, you need to cool it down to -40 °C or even less to avoid solving undesired compounds with the oil. Then you must soak the plant in the ethanol to split the extract and the biomass. Next, ethanol evaporates in a different vessel, separating from the material. A “warm” ethanol process also works, but then requires winterization, which then removes the unwanted compounds that stayed during extraction. Cold ethanol increases process efficiency.

If you’re using CO2, you need to pressurize it, in a process that uses at least three chambers. One of them pressurizes and cools down the CO2; the second gets the plant material; the third captures CO2 back. CO2 may require winterization as some fats and waxes may stay in the oil, but is a healthy alternative that delivers a more aromatic extract. After extraction, you can start distillation.

Processing steps involved in cbd-oil making

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