Benchtop cannabis filter press

Therapeutic uses for cannabis oil are becoming more widely available. For pharmaceutical uses, the cannabis oil needs to be filtered to ensure product quality and safety. Small-scale production or R&D work demands a simple yet robust manual solution for pressure filtering the oil.

Press and filter cannabis oil into bottles up to 100ml

The cannabis oil press TC from Multigel is a small form-factor manual pressure filter designed specifically for pharmaceutical production of cannabis oil.

A solid base plate holds the vertical machine structure securely. External components are made from stainless steel, with product contacting areas of AISI 316.

The TC can fill bottles of up to 100ml in volume and has an oil reservoir of 100ml capacity accordingly. Reservoir, filler cap and all oil-contacting parts are easily removable for cleaning and sanitization. Replacement filters are available and are simple to fit when required.

The pressurisation system is manually hydraulically operated, with ergonomic handle requiring minimum force to deliver the oil through the filter at high pressure. Easily readable manometer allows for optimum pressure to be maintained throughout the filtration.

The small footprint and light weight of the TC filter press makes it ideal for smaller spaces and it can be moved to alternative locations easily.



  • Designed specifically for lab-scale production of cannabis oil
  • Manual hydraulic system allows for fine control of pressure
  • Fill bottles up to 100ml in volume in one cycle
  • Simple to clean and sanitise, minimising downtime
  • Replacement filters readily available and easy to swap out