Fully certified CBD crude oil extraction machine

Traditional extraction processes involving hot solvent (ethanol) or Co2 may produce varied results in the mass production of CBD oil. Moreover, the cannabidiol extraction process takes several days to complete, reducing the plant’s output capacity. With a growing market for CBD products, companies need to produce high-quality materials consistently at a faster pace.

Save time with a continuous extraction system for CBD oil

Devex’s CryoEXS is a time-efficient solution to extract crude CBD oil from cannabis or hemp. It uses cold (-40 C) Ethanol as a solvent to extract useful substances. The equipment is available in 3 sizes depending on the capacity of dry cannabis biomass throughput.

The dried cannabis is fed into the extractor simultaneously with the cold ethanol. This method helps avoid the extra 24 hours of extraction process needed for the winterization step used in traditional methods to eliminate undesired elements from the extract such as fats, waxes, pigments, etc. Additional cannabinoid losses that can occur during the winterization step are also avoided.  Then the mass is recirculated to achieve a highly efficient extraction. The crude CBD oil is then ready for short part distillation. The ethanol used in the extraction process is then sent back to the tank for purification and reuse.



  • Devex offers full supply scope for the plant (including distillation)
  • All certifications (GMP documentation)
  • Can be customized according to different country regulations
  • Reduced labor due to fewer operation requirement