Automatic centrifuge for cannabis

Centrifugation is an effective method for producing cannabis extracts. The extraction process separates the extracts from the biomass material. It is essential then that a centrifuge provides high operation flexibility, the highest possible yield, and capable of handling multiple functioning steps depending on process requirements.

Horizontal batch centrifuge with automatic discharge

The RINA 700F Horizontal Automatic by Riera Nadeu is the pharmaceutical version of the RINA 700F, which has two versions: pharmaceutical and chemical; each has adjustments and modifications in terms of design for the respective industry. It is a horizontal batch centrifuge with automatic discharge (peeler centrifuge) dedicated to solid-liquid filtering separation of slurries with high rotating speeds. In addition, it is a fully automatic horizontal axis machine fitted with a scraper device for the frontal solids discharge. Depending on the requirements, the several types of functioning recipes are programmable, making them highly flexible in operation that requires intensive washing steps, the variable residence time for spinning, and large decanting or filtering surface. Therefore, the RINA 700F is highly suitable in the pharmaceutical industry, such as producing active pharmaceutical ingredients, antibiotics, salicylic acid, and many others.

The RINA 700 F Horizontal Automatic is available in basket diameters ranging from 350 to 1800 mm and an extensive range of loading capacity from 4 to 550 dm3. In addition, the RINA 700 F’s unique feature allows the absolute integration through the wall in a cleanroom separating the technical area from the production area guaranteeing non-contamination of the process. As a result, the RINA 700F capacity can handle any process requirement and expected production rate.


  • Plug and play concept
  • Bearing sealing status detection
  • Possibility to change the sealing system without dismantling the bearing box

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