Manual ampoule filler

When you fill ampoules it is essential to avoid wetting the inside walls of the container, as it may affect the quality of the seal. Having a stable ampoule holder with a well-aligned and precise liquid-filling device makes it possible for you to fill the ampoule without any contact with the walls, thus ensuring the seal’s quality of the ampoule.

Stable holder and precise liquid filling mechanism for ampoules

The Ampoule Filling Jig, from Adelphi, is a hand-operated ampoule-filling device. This unit is designed for holding small neck containers like ampoules and filling them up through a centered needle. The needle is small enough to fit ampoules without being in contact with the inside wall. It comes with a predetermined stop to make sure the end of the filling needle is at the correct level when raising the holder. The holder of the unit is custom-made based on the size of the ampoules or containers to be used. This unit is used in conjunction with Adelphi’s Accuramatic Peristaltic Dispensing Unit which pumps the liquid through the tubing.


  • Small footprint due to compact size (210 x 105 x 345mm)
  • Precise filling due to centered needle position
  • Filling accuracy up to +/-0.5% reduces product waste
  • Used in conjunction with Adelphi Accuramatic Peristaltic Dispensing Unit

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