Evaporation plant for the recovery of extracts

Bespoke evaporation plants using the latest plate evaporation technology can improve your efficiency and reduce costs when concentrating extracts for the food, pharmaceutical or chemical industries.

Production evaporation plant for concentration of a wide range of natural extracts

Devex evaporation plants are tailor-made to your exact requirements, providing a bespoke solution designed to work seamlessly with your production needs.

A huge range of options and possibilities includes plate evaporators, tube evaporators, flash evaporators and high concentrators. Economical multi-stage systems are available to minimize running costs.

Devex evaporation plants can be operated standalone, although most widely used as part of an integrated extraction, concentration and vacuum drying production process.

Appropriate for a wide range of concentrate production, including coffee, tea, fruit, vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants.


  • True tailor-made evaporation solution
  • Low construction height, no foundations or pump pits required, lower installation costs
  • Made in Germany to the most exacting standards
  • Large range of options and able to work with a wide range of products

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