Pilot extraction plant for natural ingredients

Before purchasing a full-scale extraction plant you need to exactly determine the correct process parameters for your products. A small form factor pilot extraction plant provides the ideal solution for testing and developing in a reliable and easy to use configuration, or use for small batch processing.

Pilot extraction plant for recovery of essential oils, oleoresins, aromas, natural extracts and proteins

The Devex pilot extraction plant is perfect for small batch and experimental extraction from a wide range of products in order to determine the best production parameters prior to commissioning a full-scale plant.

Made in Germany to the highest standards, each Devex pilot plant is completely functionally tested before leaving the factory, ensuring perfect operation when it arrives at your site allowing you to begin testing or small batch production immediately.

Designed specifically with simplicity of use in mind, the pilot extraction plant allows for easy raw material discharge and fast and straightforward cleaning. This makes it perfect for easy changeover and therefore use with many products during development and testing.

Suitable for use with a wide variety of products such as coffee, tea, leaves and barks, roots, spices, fruit, seeds, herbs, medicinal plants and more.


  • Fully tested before arrival at your site, rapid installation and operation
  • Special conical design means even distribution of the solvent and easy discharge of the raw material
  • Fitted with 2x 100l extractors for Liquid-Solid extraction of a wide range of products
  • Use in-house to develop the right parameters to commission a full-size extraction plant saving costs on third-party testing